Calendar of other events

You find here a list of public events related to the topics/technologies addressed by the CHIRON Project

March 18-19, 2010Vienna, Austria

Strategies for Embedded Computing Research

April 6-7, 2010Paris, France

Health 2.0 Europe Conference

April 14-16, 2010Luxembourg

Med-e-Tel 2010 (e-Health and Telemedicine Conference)

May 6-7, 2010Vienna, Austria

Health Informatics; from Science to Application and back

May 26-28, 2010Berlin, Germany

p-Health 2010

May 26-28, 2010Berlin, Germany

7th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health

May 29 – 1 June, 2010Berlin, Germany

Heart Failure Congress 2010 – Annual Congress of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology

June 3, 2010Reykjavik, Iceland

First European Convergence Workshop: Semantics and Ontologies – opportunities and challenges for convergence.

June 3-4, 2010Brussels, Belgium

Embedded Systems & Control : FP7 Open Monitoring and Control Collaboration (workshop organized by the European Commission)

June 9-10, 2010Rome, Italy

ARTEMIS Summer Camp

June 14-18, 2010 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

European Connected Health Week 2010

June 29-30, 2010 - Budapest, Hungary

1st ARTEMIS Technology Conference (organized by SCALOPES project)

July 1-3, 2010Lyon,France

12th International Conference on e-health networking, applications & services

September 7-10, 2010Lisboa, Portugal

Mobile HCI 2010 – 2nd International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

Sept. 27-29, 2010Brussels, Belgium
ICT 2010

Sept. 30-Oct.1, 2010Brussels, Belgium

VHP 2010 – International Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence, supported by the European Commission (ICT for Health)

Oct. 26-27, 2010Ghent, Belgium

Artemis Autumn Event + ITEA 2 Symposium

November 10-12, 2010Malaga, Spain

AmI -10 , First International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence

Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2010Tokyo, Japan

Internet of Things

December 19-22, 2010Cairo, Egypt

ICM’10 : International Conference on Microelectronics
Co-sponsored by IEEE in cooperation with American University of Cairo and the University of Waterloo

January 23-27, 2011San Francisco, CA – USA

IS&T / SPIE : Electronic Imaging – Exploring the state of the art in imaging technologies

Febr. 22-24, 2011San Antonio, Texas (USA)

2011 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium

March 21, 2011Seattle, USA

3rd International Workshop on Information Quality and Quality of Service for Pervasive Computing (IQ 25-2011)
In conjunction with IEEE PERCOM 2011

April 6-8, 2011Luxembourg

Med-e-Tel 2011 – International e-Health, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum