September 9, 2016

How to Avoid the Back Pain While Using the Recliner

Chairs are objects indispensable to us every day, especially the recliners. In this article, I will advise you on ways to sit without back pain with recliners; the market has a variety of products about cheap recliners. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find the cheapest recliners on the market based on user needs and your health.

Back pain when sitting for long periods, to resolve how to effectively

Back pain is a disease too common in today’s life; there are countless causes of back conditions and back pain when sitting for long periods is one of the main reasons. Due to the nature of the world especially for office workers, often have to sit for hours working on the computer every day, they are at risk for diseases of the spine, such as back pain, herniated disc higher than others. So how to solve for effective, let’s find out.

Back pain when sitting for long periods

The cause of back pain is partly due to sit for too long, wrong sitting posture. Always suffered spinal pressure, the weight of the entire body, so when sitting for too long not only the spine but also the ligaments, muscles, tendons are also affected. This situation lasted frequently can cause a herniated disk disease causes severe impact daily life, the ability of the patient to go back later if not treated stopped.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lane Recliners

Wrong Sitting Posture Cause Back Pain

+ Sit long, sitting posture, humpback or lying cow to the table will also cause pain in the spine

+ Sitting cross-legged cause deformed spine; this situation lasted for a while will impact and pain born of the hips, waist, spine deviation…

Harmful Effects of Sitting for Long Periods

Sitting too long makes

+ Blood does not circulate well, the first will affect the spine system; 2nd diminishes patients’ health.

+ Sitting long-causing muscle contractions, stiff muscles

Four Nutritious Foods That People with Back Pain Should Know

Goat Bones

According to traditional medicine, most parts of goat meat, bones or organs, can be used as medicines. However, for the treatment of osteoarthritis, the bones of goats are the top choice.

Which uses bone goat kidney, strengthens bones. Therefore, to cure back pain is often used spine or leg bone of a goat to everyday dishes.

Experience from the past, people often used to treat back pain, bone, perennial back pain by taking the leg bone of a goat roasted and then ground into a fine powder. Drink two times a day, each time taken from bone powder 3-6gr goat’s tube with a light wine is heated.

In case you think this way too hard to be able to use other ways as simple as follows:

Raw materials preparation:

  • Bone goats: 1kg
  • dried orange peel: 6gr
  • Galangal root: 6gr
  • Cardamom: 2 results
  • Fresh ginger: 3gr

Method: You brought all the prepared ingredients on juice and stewed porridge taking diet will help strong muscles, back pain dispels your perennial.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lane Recliners

Kidney Pigs

According to traditional medicine concept, when you have poor kidney or weak bridges, the knees, and the joints will back discomfort. To treat the disease, the ancients used for processing pig kidney dishes made daily. Pig kidney is sweet, which uses the kidneys, strengthens the back knee.

Therefore, you should try to apply cooking from pig kidney to treat their back pain by simply: Get two pig kidneys, removing the white membrane inside and bring green beans stewed with 10gr weight. Make this dish and enjoy every day to feel the positive change from your back offline


Sea cucumber contains many nutrients are good for health; especially owners treat back pain, knee pain very well. Experience folk often advise people with back pain should cucumber combined with goat meat or pork spine cooked with herbs you like: pecans humiliation and buds of sensory communication eat nutritious soup right.

Meat Sparrows Help Cure Chronic Back Pain

The last dish that I want to share with people who are suffering from chronic back pain, that’s sparrow meat. Meat sparrow which uses kidneys, pitch, adds crystals and warmed back pillow. Since ancient times, our ancestors often start 5-10 sparrows, clean and browning. Then bring sparrows carefully prepared and cooked rice 5-100gr, add three fresh onions, spices, and just enough split eat several times a day helps cure your back pain quickly change. Hopefully, through the share of 4 nutritious meals will help you support the treatment of back pain

This guest post is written by Jasmin who is a furniture designer and a home advisor who has a special interest with house interior and house architecture. He loves to make houses to be beautiful.

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