Localization is very important when you are translating your content

Localization and translation go hand in hand. When locating, the translator makes sure that there are no references in the text that are missed by visitors abroad. Think, for example, of mentions of locations or customs in the Netherlands. A good translator takes this into account. In translations, a good translator replaces this text with something more in line with the perception of the foreign target group. Or the piece of text in question is omitted altogether. Especially in countries where customers are somewhat reluctant to order from foreign webshops, such references to Dutch can hinder a conversion.

How can you translate local content for your customers?

However, translating and localizing the content of your webshop is not only advisable for a webshop in another language. Even if, for example, you have a separate store view for the Flemish market, it is crucial not to give the content a too Dutch character. This also plays a role in German store views for Austria and Switzerland, for example. Even if a webshop has a URL with the country code of the target country and offers the correct shipping and payment methods, non-localized content can still cause a potential customer to leave the shop. So don’t be too quick to assume that translated content is good enough.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to prepare content for a foreign market. A native translator who has lived in the target country knows exactly what is going on with the target group. If that translator also has experience with search engine optimization, the content he or she writes will actually be found. For different store views in the same language, it is preferable to look at the content with someone who knows what is going on in the target country. With a few targeted adjustments and an effective use of hreflangs, the text can quickly be ready for the target market by hiring a german website translation agency.

Shopcontent can translate and write new content

Filling a web shop for the foreign market with content is a job that often takes a lot of time. For ShopConten t it doesn’t matter whether a lot of new content is needed or if translations are sufficient. We employ SEO copywriters and translators for all major European markets. We can, for example, Flemish content for the Belgian market, but also translate the existing content by a German translator , French translator , English translator or one of the Scandinavian languages. Because our copywriters and translators have extensive work experience with search engine optimization, a collaboration with Shopcontent results in texts that the target group can easily find.

Moreover, our content feels familiar to a target group abroad. Our copywriters and translators in all languages are native speakers. Even for countries where there is some distrust with regard to foreign webshops, Shopcontent can write webshop texts that convert well. Are you curious how we do that? Or would you like to discuss with us what the possibilities are for your webshop? Contact us today for an appointment!