September 21, 2016

The usage of electric smoker in family

Today, the oven is becoming a familiar use for many families in Vietnam, by the great features that this product offers. However, the choice of a product of how to match the demand was not well known. Let us refer to a few simple tips to get a good and effective furnace.

While the electric smoker is not familiar objects in many family traditions, but so far this product has been increasingly popular in many families with economic stability. Previously want to eat delicious baked goods, housewives often have very laborious or go to a new restaurant. However, with the development of technology, now delights can do at home are very simple, but retains the delicious flavor.

The uses and benefits of the oven is something that all those who have ever used are recognized, but to choose a suitable oven with family in a myriad design market, as well as commercial current signal is not easy.

  • The distinguish of electric smoker and stove

According to the market study, now on the market there are two types of ovens were gas oven and electric smoker. Also, there are glass oven powered with advantages help users clearly see the food being baked inside, fairly compact size. However, this oven is often small, only 12 liters so there are restrictions on the use.

About electric smoker shaped almost like a mini gas stove. To operate on the principle of the use of materials and mechanisms such as gas stove mini toggle. However, differences in gas oven flame does not converge in the central kitchen which divided both along the body rectangular kitchen for baking food.

As for the electric smoker: This is considered to choose oven oven now, with volume of about 10-40 liters. they are granted two heat energy to be heated and cooked food help.

  • Advantage of electric smoker

One advantage of this type of electric smoker other than water reactors, as the heat up to 400 degrees C, which helps the housewives can make any public favorite barbecue.

Besides advantages, also a kind of electric smoker is considered quite convenient for the user. By design it closed, so housewives could fit into the stove, adjusting the temperature, time to grill food appropriate. Insulation around furnaces pretty good, suitable for families with young children.

Nowadays, there are many models in the market about electric smoker. Therefore, you can choose one that help your cooking.

The selection of a suitable electric smoker for every family can be a pretty hard thing for those who are not knowledgeable, operating principles and structure of the talk. However, if when we have found a standard product for user applications, but does not know how to preserve the longevity of it could be very quickly broken.

According to the information of the supplier, usually after using an oven time will be sticking the residue, as well as unpleasant odors. Therefore, the preservation of the product to use the longest, and does not draw the unpleasant smell is a pretty important thing.

  • The way to clean and preserve electric smoker

Accordingly, after use electric smoker housewives special note should open the electric smoker to the temperature and air pent in, can escape. In addition, we also need to remember that, do not use chemical cleaners to clean the oven, as this would reduce the life of the oven very fast.

When the electric smoker was clinging residue, as well as unpleasant odors, we can do some simple steps: Using a heat resistant bowl, then added a little water and a spoon vinegar and for this solution into the cup, put in the oven for about 5 minutes.

The purpose of this is that when we put this solution into a heated rotary kiln, the long days in the oven stains will easily come off, then we can use a soft cloth to clean the easy way. In the case of a no vinegar, the housewife may be able to use lemon to clean. This is considered a very efficient way, by lemon and vinegar are capable of very good deodorant.

In case if the stain stick in the electric smoker, it is easy to clean, we can dump on right up on sticky stains on the oven just a little salt, after the oven cools, you can use a clean washcloth

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